Shining Stars

Yael Kipper Zaretzky
Length : 
0 seconds
Camera : 
Oded Kimhi
Country : 
Subtitles : 
Eyal Shechter
Price: $5.00

During Purim of 1996, on a crosswalk in downtown Tel Aviv stood 27 year old Maytal and her brother Assaf. As the two began to cross the street a suicide bomber detonated himself. Assaf was killed instantly. Maytal was mortally wounded.
"Maytal", the first film about Maytal, was filmed shortly after the terrorist attack at Dizengoff Center in 1996.
About a year and a half following the attack, Maytal separated from her husband. And after years on her own, she decides to commence fertility treatments and to have a child as a single mother.
The treatments, the bouts of anesthesia, the operations under life-threatening conditions; all force Maytal, in a single moment, back to the past.
The physical distress is enormous, but even more trying is coping emotionally not only with the present difficulty but also with what she has repressed since the attack.
The film interlaces with Maytal`s spirit, joining the complex journey down the road of realizing her dream.